Use Flexibility in Your Financial Records with inBudget’s Unique Customization Options

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When it comes to keeping track of transactions, budgets, and financial goals, everyone has their own system. At inBudget, we understand that no single system is going to work for everyone, which is why we’ve designed an interface with as many options for customization as possible. We want you to feel comfortable with our budgeting software.

inBudget was created to be as flexible as possible for a diverse user base. Whether you’re keeping track of the financial plans for a family of five or just taking account of a single budget, we want the inBudget tools to fit your needs.

Importance of Organization

Of course, the most important step in managing your finances is to implement some form of organization. Whether it’s a written ledger, a meticulous computer program, or somewhere in between, it’s imperative for your financial well-being that you keep track of your money.

Without a regularly-updated accounting of your financial behavior, you may not notice if something goes awry with your day-to-day transactions. Credit card fraud, inaccurate billing, or lost income could all be occurring under your nose if you don’t keep a close eye on what’s happening in your bank accounts.

At the very least, you should know the following three things with regard to your financial situation:

  1. Where is my money coming from? What are my sources of income? How often do I get paid, and how is the money deposited into my account? Have I received all of the money that’s due to me?
  2. Where do I keep my money? Do I have a checking account? A savings account? Any investments? What are the terms of these accounts, and am I able to take money out of them easily?
  3. Where is my money going? What expenses am I responsible for? How do I pay them? Have I lost any money that’s unaccounted for?

These basic questions should help frame your current financial state and help you make informed decisions for your financial future. If you uncover any issues, work quickly with your bank and any crediting agencies to solve the problem. The sooner you know your financial situation, the sooner you can make informed plans for the future.

inBudget’s Options for Categorization

Everyone’s brain works in a different way, so it makes sense that our users would want to use different methods for categorizing their budgets and transactions. Unlike other financial platforms that require you to use their pre-existing structures for tracking your cashflow, we allow you label every aspect of your accounts using as much or as little detail as you want.


Your inBudget profile displays your complete financial picture, keeping track of transactions and budgets and calculating your overall profit margin. As you can see in the above image, you can add pictures and locations to your transactions, helping add an extra dimension to your memory of different financial exchanges.


inBudget allows you to create budgets for everything from your monthly groceries to special events like the image’s “Trip to Paris.” With no limit to your number of transactions or budgets, you can make special projects and trips easy to account for.


Many users prefer to separate their budgets into categories like utility payments, rent/mortgage, and food/groceries. As shown in the picture above, your transactions can be easily divided into a “food and dining” category, with included pictures and locations for extra detail.

A Current Approach to Tracking Your Money

In the last few years, new technologies and trends have pervaded the way that we use online tools and resources. Particularly noteworthy is the rise of Twitter as a global social force, as its hashtags and @ addresses can now be found throughout the internet.


inBudget takes advantage of our familiarity with these techniques by incorporating hashtags and @ symbols into your budgets and transactions. For example, if you use #coffee when entering your monthly coffee expenses, inBudget will automatically group them together so that you can keep thorough track of these transactions. Like with transactions and budgets, there’s no limit to the amount of data that you can enter. Hashtag to your heart’s content!

Similarly, the @ symbol allows you to share transactions with other inBudget users. Simply address them with the @ symbol and the transaction will be sent immediately through inBudget’s secure platform. It’s never been easier or safe to share financial information.

Make inBudget Work for You

If there’s one thing we want you take away from this blog post, it’s that there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your inBudget experience. No matter what your accounting needs are or how many transactions you deal with per month, inBudget has a solution for you.

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