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Consider this typical situation: you and a group of seven friends have decided to take a week-long vacation to Barcelona. All of the costs will be split between you: transportation, lodging, entertainment, food and other necessities. But as you start making arrangements, you run into some complications. How can you keep track of how much each person owes, what they’ve paid, and where the money is being held?

Until recently, there was no good solution for this situation. Expenses had to be added up on an Excel spreadsheet or with pencil and paper. Each person would have to pay the organizer of the trip separately, meaning that each payment came at a different time and often by different means (cash, check, bank transfer). And if the organizer didn’t keep meticulous note of who paid how much and when, a simple vacation between friends would quickly denigrate into chaos.

Thankfully, inBudget offers new features for collaboration that will make these types of conundrums a thing of the past. With the sharing and syncing tools available with inBudget PRO, you can invite collaborators to join a group budget and track transactions. All transactions are recorded in the same place and are visible to every member of the group. With that much transparency, it’s easy to see what contributions have been made.

Sharing and syncing make it possible for you to collect your transactions in one place; inBudget’s thoughtful details for recording data add an extra layer of clarity to your budgeting. Each collaborator can add comments, pictures, or hashtags to their transactions. For example, using #hotel for each lodging payment will make it obvious when everyone has paid for this expense. inBudget prides itself on personalization; you can tailor your group budget to fit your needs.

When to Use inBudget’s Share and Sync Tools

We’ve already covered how inBudget can be used between friends for big events or major excursions. Here are some other ways in which inBudget’s collaboration tools can help you stay organized:

Friends and Family

Planning a big party for your best friend’s baby shower? Create a budget for your close friends to split the costs of decorations, gifts, and catering. Photos of each expense will help build excitement for the upcoming event!

Mom’s 50th birthday is coming up? Share a budget between your brothers and sisters to send her on a Caribbean cruise. No more sibling spats about whether or not someone has paid for the gift; it’s all there in front of you in the inBudget app.

Business Projects

inBudget’s collaboration tools are particularly popular with small- and medium-sized businesses. There’s no need to spend money on an accountant or complex bookkeeping software for the majority of small business projects. All that you need is some basic information kept in one place, and inBudget offers that in an easy-to-understand platform.

Need to create a budget for client dinners and events? Planning a fundraising event for your non-profit organization? Creating a new presentation and need a place to compile expenses? inBudget is the solution.

Your sensitive business data will be secure within inBudget’s protected services. Password protection and state-of-the-art encryption services prevent outsiders from accessing your information. Use inBudget with confidence!

A PRO Feature

inBudget’s collaboration features can be used by PRO subscribers. For just $4.99 per month, you’ll be able to invite collaborators to join your budgets and share transactions. Invitees do not have to be PRO subscribers, ensuring that there are no barriers between your team members and your budgeting tools.

You are free to remove invitees at any time; invitees are also able to leave the budget at any time. The data that they have contributed up to that point will be saved, but removed invitees will not have access to any future data. You will be unable to edit the transactions of collaborators at any point.

High Function, Low Cost

The design team at inBudget understands the needs of its users. inBudget features are intuitive, customizable, and secure – everything that you would need in a basic financial management app.

For personal accounting purposes, inBudget is free forever. Additionally, inBudget is completely ad-free; you’ll never be prompted to purchase a financial service or bombarded with obnoxious advertisements.

Advanced features like budget sharing and offline management are available for a low monthly cost of $4.99. Automatic renewal makes it easy to stay connected to your accounts, and your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

Download inBudget today to take control of your finances!

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