inBudget Offers Unmatched Tools for Organizing and Tracking Your Financial Transactions

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With the rapid rise of web design and mobile app development, there have never been more options for keeping track of your bank accounts and financial decisions.

However, as these new products offer more and more complicated tools for your financial data, they’re becoming less and less useful for the typical consumer. The average family or individual is looking for a few simple functions from a fiscal app: all of their assets in one place, a ledger to keep track of income and expenses, and some budgeting tools to help plan for the future.

inBudget’s new mobile app provides the tools necessary for basic accounting functions, with the bonus capability to keep track of extra data depending on the needs and desires of the user. And with advanced tools for sharing transactions and data with family and colleagues, inBudget’s goal is to create the most efficient and useful personal finance app on the market.


Keep Track of Your Transactions with as Much or as Little Detail as You Want

Of course, the most essential element of a financial app is the ability to track income and expenses. inBudget’s “Transactions” function takes care of this requirement with an intuitive interface and extensive options for categorizing transactions.

In addition to basic information like the transaction name, date, and amount, you can add a number of extra details to help keep track of your cashflow. Here are just a few of the capabilities that will enhance your bookkeeping:

  • Hashtags and Categories: Want to make sure that you can find all of your utility payments? Create a specific “Utilities” category or just use #utilities to keep them grouped together.
  • Mentions: Use this function to alert another inBudget user to a particular transaction. Perfect for roommates keeping an eye on rent payments.
  • Photos: Eliminate the need for paper receipts! Attach photos of receipts to transactions to add another level of information.

The best part about all of these features? They are all optional and can be tailored to your needs. Your accounting app should work for you.


Make Smart Financial Decisions with Easy-to-Use Budgets

Keeping an eye on your income and expenses is the first step to a healthier financial situation. The next step is the creation of smart, well-informed budgets to guide your spending and savings for future success.

inBudget guides you toward effective budgeting by integrating the app’s Transactions and Budget functions. As every transaction must be grouped into a budget, accountability is built into your recordkeeping. You’ll know immediately whether you’re on track with your financial goals and where your money is going.

Everyone knows that intelligent, detailed budgeting is the key to financial health, but it can be difficult to stay on top of small expenditures and various income sources. With inBudget, entering a transaction and seeing the impact it has on your budget takes only a few seconds. There’s no limit to the number of transactions that you can enter, so you’ll always have the flexibility to track your cashflow.

In future blog posts, we’ll explore the ways in which inBudget’s system for tracking transactions helps to create more effective budgets. For now, we hope you’ll enjoy exploring the app’s capabilities to create a solution that’s perfect for your needs. Of course, your financial information is kept under lock and key with the industry’s top privacy measures. Your transactions are only shared when you choose to share them.


Get Everyone on the Same Page with Easy Syncing

The exchange of money between family, friends, and business partners has been a part of our world for centuries; only now has it become as easy as the push of a button with the creation of money transfer apps and mobile banking.

With inBudget, users can easily share and sync budgets to make sure that everyone is working for the same goals. Here are a few ways in which synced budgets make your life easier:

  • Family Plans: A family is one of the most basic financial ecosystems, but there can still be problems when it comes to making plans and sticking to budgets. By creating a budget together in the inBudget app and sharing it between family members, everyone is aware of how much money is allocated to things like groceries, entertainment, and bills. Synced budgets will reflect the financial actions of every member of your family, as the transactions that they enter into the app will automatically be reflected in the budgets.
  • Friendly Vacations: Planning a weekend couples vacation to San Diego? A trip with friends to Las Vegas? inBudget takes out the awkwardness and guesswork out of planning expenses on a friendly vacation. Sync with friends and set benchmarks for expenses like lodging, transportation, and entertainment. As you make reservations and pay for meals and events, the transactions that you enter into inBudget will automatically be deducted from your joint budget. Use the photo detail of the transaction system to add receipts for added accountability.
  • New Business Ventures: Are you and a business partner looking into a new financial opportunity, but are not quite at the point yet where you require professional accounting? inBudget is a fantastic tool for the early planning stages of small- to medium-sized business ventures. The app’s easy interface allows you to draw up basic budgets in minutes, and as you make initial investments into the growth of your idea, you’ll both have access to the financial data. And in the event that you do turn to an accountant down the line, you’ll have detailed, easy-to-interpret data as the foundation for your company’s financial records.
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